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Oak Bay’s Active Transportation Advisory Committee is blogging

Kind of late to this party, but they don’t seem to have much Google-juice (they are page 7 on my search for “Oak Bay Active Transportation”), so here it is: Oak Bay Active Transportation at Blogspot.

Their recent Complete Streets policy is a great start, here’s to many more successes for them.


  1. Eric Fraikin says:

    I’m trying to find the October 30th meeting minutes of the ATA committee. Can it be consulted and does it provide a list of suggested priority projects?

  2. corey.burger says:


    As far as I know, their minutes are not online yet. I will blog about their priority projects this week.

  3. Lesley Ewing says:

    Hi Eric. ATAC minutes are available from municipality. The plan is that OB will post them on the new website (soon we hope) but its still an outstanding issue to have the website up to date. Meanwhile you can view the project priorities at the blog link (above) or email the committee

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