About me

Welcome! Wondering more about who I am?

I currently work as a Project Assistant with R. A. Malatest & Associates, a research firm based here in Victoria. I used to work for the Capital Regional District in the Regional Planning office. Before that I worked for a variety of non-profits and companies around Victoria, including the Inter-Cultural Association, Camosun College, amongst others. Educationally, I have a diploma in Network Administration from CDI College. Long-term, I plan on getting a masters in Urban Planning.

What am I involved in?

A fair amount, actually. I was a a director of the Community Association of Oak Bay as well as a member of the Municipality of Oak Bay’s Community Initiatives Committee, which is tasked with developing an active transportation plan for the municipality. This official plan was spurred along by the all-volunteer Bicycle Master Plan for Oak bay, which I worked on with group of Oak Bay residents and Safer Cycling Oak Bay.

I am also an active member of Oak Bay Rotary, continuing a family legacy of service in this great organization. My grandmother is a member and, until he passed away, so was my grandfather. My parents met on Rotary Exchange in Australia.  Lastly, I ran for Oak Bay Council in 2008 and 2011.

What about the wider region?

Continuing in the theme of transportation, I was also part of the citizen’s advisory panel for the CRD Pedestrian and Cycling Master Plan, now finally adopted in 2015. I do a fair amount of volunteering around town for various events, so you may have seen me there as well. In fact, I worked for three years on the Luminara Lantern Festival put on by the Inter-Cultural Association of Greater Victoria, as Production Coordinator in 2010 and Event Site Management from 2011 onwards.

What else have I done?

I have a fairly extensive background in the IT industry, and I worked in IT for a few years after I finished my Network Administration (Honours) Diploma at CDI in 2004. During that time I also got involved in the Ubuntu project, where I was asked to sit a 2-year term on their Community Council, one of the two governing bodies of the project. I was a co-author of the Prentice Hall-published Official Ubuntu Book for the first 6 editions from 2006 to 2011. Because of my love of geography and Open Source, I decided to run for and sat on the OpenStreetMap Foundation Board during 2007-8 and have been involved in that project for several years.

Want to get a hold of me?

Head over to my contact page and drop me an email or give me a phone call.