World Blog Action Day on Climate Change

Despite what a lot of people seem to believe, climate change is real. Thankfully, there are solutions to the problem. One of those is Blog Action Day, where blogs can unironically use electricity to talk about how to save the planet.The list of blogs from Canada is quite large, and there even a few from around our neck of the woods.

In a more concrete move, I will be at the Gaining Ground: Resilient Cities Summit in Vancouver next week. Thanks to the organizers for letting us poor students volunteer to save the cost of entry.

Speaking of Vancouver, the city of about to embark on a massive traffic calming scheme known as the Olympics (Globe & Mail). The first road closures start next month, with more as Olympics gets closer. While I expect a day or so of traffic chass, Vancouverites are about to discover that traffic demand is elastic, not fixed. Too bad it is unlikely that the Olympic closures will stick, as there is a real chance of real change being offered here.