A giant pile of web fail

Yesterday, while I was researching the story on the BC Transit Victoria Regional “Rapid” Transit study (VRRT), I came across a whole pile of web fail:

  1. As of this morning, the BC Transit press release which must have gone out wasn’t listed on their main page listing all press releases or the VRRT project’s website News page.
  2. The new open houses did not appear on the VRRT’s website.
  3. As I realized I didn’t know where the Colwood Municipal Hall was, I did a quick search. A Google search for “Colwood Municipal Hall” yielded no results. The map showed Oak Bay’s muni hall.
  4. Searching the Colwood website, colwood.ca for “hall” got a link to a city hall page. Sadly it only said this on it:
  5. Microsoft VBScript runtime error ‘800a0007’Out of memory: ‘Server.CreateObject’

    /siteengine/includes/PageFunctions.asp, line 19

  6. Similiarly, the top press release, which is about expanded rail service, on the ICF site gets you this error:
  7. msxml3.dll error ‘80004005’

    Error while parsing “http://www.islandcorridorfoundation.ca/sites/icf/templates/article/dataSources/summary.xml.asp?sid=39”. End tag ‘title’ does not match the start tag ‘body’.

    D:\SITES\ICF\SITES\ICF\../../core/publish_3_2.inc, line 218

What a giant pile of web fail, and here I though the Oak Bay Muncipality’s site was bad.

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