Say goodbye to rapid transit in Victoria

So the new alignment study is out and it (Times Colonist, BC Local News), as I predicted, takes Douglas St to the Highway and then the E&N route. All is good except for one little detail: they ditched the centre running lanes for curb lanes. What a lovely disaster.

So lets count the ways they have set themselves up for disaster:

  1. Curb lanes will be slower running than centre ones, because there is simply more chance for cars to stop or slow the transit vehicle, be it bus or train. Centre lanes have a major challenge with stops, as they mentioned in the article by the BC Transit CEO and was the public reason that the Chamber of Commerce opposed it last time. However, many cities have solved this problem successfully, something the Human Transit blog points out.
  2. Where is the bike lane going to go? Sandwiched between the transit lane and the parking? Spacing Toronto has a good post about what they do in Copenhagen.
  3. Which brings us to parking. Are they going to remove the parking or take away a travel lane?
  4. Given BCTransit is likely to be choosing buses for this, how are they going to convince the ICF to let them pave part of the E&N?

That is a lot of fail. There are two open houses, one this Thursday between 4 and 8pm at the Colwood Muni Hall and another between 1 and 7pm on the 20th at the Victoria City Hall. I will be out of town on the 20th at the Gaining Ground Summit, but I hope I can come away with some answers after this Thursday.

5 thoughts on “Say goodbye to rapid transit in Victoria”

  1. Couldn’t agree more with you. This is is a cop out by transit to appease a small number of opponents and nothing to do with building the best transit system.

    In my mind the project is too big to start out with. Currently it would seem to me that rapid transit would be best suited to the Douglas corridor as far as the Town and Country Mall and then expand from there as population and density demands.

    The Western Communities would be best served by a commuter train on the E&N tracks as a seperate and distinct project from any LRT or simply rapid trainsit.

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