Black Press (Oak Bay News) questionnaire for council candidates

We would like to welcome you to the Oak Bay News’ candidate questionnaire for the 2011 civic election.
The News is offering all council candidates the opportunity to have their views on a variety of issues published in the print editions leading up to the election Nov. 19.
To that end, we are requesting that you answer the questions to the best of your ability, in 50 words or less (we will edit for length if over 50, so please respect the length limit).
1. Name

Corey Burger

2. Age


3. Occupation

Social Science Researcher and Event Manager for a variety of companies
and organizations in Victoria

4. Family status


5. Political experience

Candidate, Oak Bay Council, 2008

Member, Oak Bay Community Initiatives Committee (council-appointed)
Volunteer, CRD Pedestrian and Cycling Master Plan Citizens’ Advisory Council
Director (on leave), Community Association of Oak Bay
Public Relations Chair, Rotary Club of Oak Bay

6. How long have you lived   in the municipality?

On and off for most of my life

If you don’t  live here, why are you running in Oak Bay?
7. What do you feel is the single biggest issue in this election?

Community engagement

8. How do you hope to solve it?

We need to reach people where they already are, by using modern technology, but more importantly going into the community to libraries, coffee shops, community centres, and other similar places. Any engagement also needs to be continuous, not just when a majorissue forces it.

9. What do you think council has done well this term?

Starting the process of updating the Official Community Plan.
Commissioning and passing the Active Transportation Plan. Holding a
town hall earlier this year, albeit at the demand of residents.

10. What would do you do on council to improve it?

I would work first by putting community engagement first as we work on updating the Official Community Plan, the Active Transportation Plan, and other large projects . Keep a similar community focus when working with regional partners on the CRD sewage treatment plan and BC Transit’s 25 Year plan.