People for a Paved Planet need your vote

People for a Paved Planet are looking for a few good votes to let them know exactly who should win the 2010 Pavey Awards. Contenders include Oak Bay-Gordon Head MLA Ida Chong and Langford Mayor Stew Young. Vote now, vote often.

(h/t to Senora Godfrey. Although they don’t take credit on the site, it appears that the Dogwood Initiative is behind this. Telltale include the file named, as seen in the source, and the fact that their Vimeo account uploaded the video above.)

From the CBC’s archives: White-picket Dreams

“Out of the monotony of unplanned suburbia…”, so starts White-picket Dreams, a clip from this Nov 21, 1954. Even back in 1954 they knew suburbia was a bad idea, if only unconsciously.

Mentioned in the story is the planned community of Don Mills, when in the early years of suburbia, promotion of walking was still seen as something to you needed to do, as well as Regent Park in Toronto, where the apartments mentioned in this story are being torn down and redeveloped.

Ironically, housing the aged is seen as a problem even then, despite Canada’s population being the youngest it has ever been, due to the post-war baby boom.

This clip, part of a series called So long city! Hello suburbs, is just one of a great number of videos from the CBC’s archives. It gives a facinating insight into places and times we can’t or don’t see.