Angry crowd push council to reject secondary suites

Last night’s council was packed as expected given secondary suites were on the agenda. Also expected, the speakers were nearly all against secondary suites, probably out in forced because of the new anti-secondary suites group, Friends of Oak Bay Neighbourhoods. But what hasn’t happened since we had a little discussion about crap in the Uplands last year, we had hecklers in the crowd. It got so bad that Councillor Cassidy was visibly angry while he told off somebody for speaking out of turn, and Mayor Causton was forced to speak up as well.

Ultimately council decided, in a split vote, to move forward with more consultation, likely in early April. This will probably take the form of an informational fair and an invitation-only “stakeholders” meeting. More details later.

Secondary suites up for discussion tonight

Secondary suites are back on the agenda of the Oak Bay Council this Monday at the Committee of the Whole Meeting at 7:30pm. There is a new note from Mark Brennan, Chief Municipal Administrative Officer, likely about the public engagement the Mayor asked for at his January address. Should be interesting, given the founding of a new, issues-driven Friends of Oak Bay Neighbourhoods. Come by the municipal hall and see the fun (or join it, depending).