Why is it so quiet here?

Any astute reader of my blog will have quickly discovered they have mostly become a non-reader of my blog over the past six months or so. Sorry about that, but I wanted to explain my it is so.

First, I am now crazy busy between my two jobs. I was promoted in July at Malatest, from Surveyor to Supervisor. While this was a great promotion, it meant I almost doubled the hours per week I work there.

Second, and far more importantly, my other job with CRD Regional Planning. I deeply enjoy my job there and I do interesting work there, such as running the Regional Bicycle Count program, and challenging work, such as helping with the Regional Deer Management Strategy, but with that work comes a little bit more care in what I can say, when I can say it.

So I am not going away, I will just be a little bit quieter than usual.

2 thoughts on “Why is it so quiet here?”

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