Blair Gowie in their own words

“to change that [Blair Gowie’s heritage designation] would impoverish the designation”

Councillor Braithwaite on why she is voting against the Heritage Revitalization Agreement

“Constable Herbert”

Councillor Jensen with an interesting slip of the tongue after Herbert ran down a significant list of things he would like to see changed

“[make sure the Heritage Revitalization Agreement is] sufficiently sensitive to the original designation goals”

Jensen on the HRA

“It is not going to fall down next week … or next year”

Councillor Ney explaining why she is voting against the agreement

“The Heritage Revitalization Agreement doesn’t remove but imposes a different kind of protection”

Councillor Copley debunking the rumour that the HRA will remove the heritage designation

“She [Mrs Ellis] felt I, as Mayor, could come up with the perfect plan for Runnymede”

Mayor Causton talking about his many discussion with Mrs Ellis on Blair Gowie (or Runnymede as she called it)