Henderson bike lanes are not places to park: Oak Bay Police

Bicyclist on Henderson Road. Photo credit: John Luton
Bicyclist on Henderson Road. Photo credit: John Luton

In the Oak Bay News’ Jan 27th Police Brief is this little tidbit:

Police remind motorists who park their vehicles in the bike lane along Henderson Road that doing so is a safety concern, not to mention a violation of municipal bylaws and the Motor Vehicle Act.

Offenders can be towed and ticketed.

I have called in dozens of vehicles parked in the bike lane since it was installed, but anecdotally, the number seems to be shrinking. My hope is also that of John Luton, who says in the notes attached to the picture on the right:

Hopefully, parking will simply disappear as a use along the corridor and the full time bike lane concept realized someday.

Let’s hope that day is coming soon.

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