John Luton joins the blogging ranks

As I have lamented in the past, few councillors are using this shiny information superhighway thingy to tell us, their constituents, about what goes on in city hall. Until recently, Cairine Green, District of North Saanich Councillor,  remained the only one to harness this power.

But she is no longer alone, as John Luton has decided to join the blogging ranks, with The Sustainable City. As he puts it in his own words:

As a Victoria City Councillor, I’ll use the blog to share ideas and profile work I am doing down at City Hall. I hope it will be of some value in providing some accountability to the citizens of Victoria and the many thousands of you who lent me their votes last year.

I am glad my list of blogging councillors has doubled in size. Let’s hope 2010 can double that list again.