Oak Bay Tea Party parade with no camera

Today is the Oak Bay Tea Party Parade, an event I remember fondly from my youth. Sadly, I ended up having to run down to a friends house and thus I had no camera to take pictures. I did notice a few things, however:

  • Ronald McDonald House had a Hummer H2 pulling a small trailer. How very American
  • Apparently candy is still thrown in Oak Bay. Contrast that with the Victoria Day parade in downtown, which has no thrown or even handed out candy
  • Random groups I saw marching today: Liberal Party, La Leche League (who promote breast feeding), somebody talking about homeless (I couldn’t read their banner) and the Cadillac club (which I mention because they had a Cimarron, not even considered a Cadillac by some)

There were a couple of groups I was suprised to see here and not at the Victoria Day Parade:

  • There were the usual old fire engines, including Saanich Historical Society’s restored 1950s North Pender Fire Dept engine.
  • The Royal Victoria Yacht Club festooned one of their kayak trailers with various signal flags. Quite spectacular.
  • Victoria has a branch of the Zonta Club, which “advances the status of  women worldwide”

I had forgotten just how long this parade was. And just like the Victoria Day Parade, it started to rain just as the parade drew to a close.