Campaign happenings

Just a small update on a few things that have been happening in the past day or so. Firstly, the Oak Bay News story I interviewed for has been published, but apparently only in the print version. Grab yourself a copy from one of the many boxes around Oak Bay.

I also managed to sit down with Lesley Ewing of Safer Cycling Oak Bay. We had a long conversation about bicycling in Oak Bay and how the current (and past) councils been very resistant to any sort of change that will help bicyclist. John Luton also joined us for a short while. He is another individual with seemingly endless energy for promoting bicyclists and walkers and has been involved in advocacy for a long time, with both the Greater Victoria Cycling Coalition and more recently the Capital Bike and Walk Society. One of the many ideas discussed was the bicycle master plan I mentioned in my Oak Bay news article. It is still very much a draft, so if have any ideas about routing or places that badly need improvement or just want to get involved generally, please leave me a comment.

Lastly, I managed to get to the campaign launch party of Michelle Kirby, a fellow candidate for Oak Bay council. The party, held at the pavilion in Windsor Park, it was well attended, with easily 50 people over the course of the two hours. She and I share a lot of the same values and are both excited that the other is running.

This coming week I plan on getting more work done on the sign design, which I will be posting here for review, as well as that bicycle master plan.